Enjoy water, nature and luxury in Friesland!

Province Friesland

Friesland is a watery province.

Every village and city you can reach by water.

Besides holiday homes, we also rent out launch boats, so you can discover the Frisian landscape from the water.

After a clear instruction and a trial you can sail on the canals and lakes of Friesland.

You doesn't need an official sailors licence.

The ultimate vacation feeling:

You get a card, to pass through the lock and bridges of Workum, for free

Just imagine!  Go shopping in a launch boat.

Or visit a restaurant by boat: for example the harbour restaurant or restaurant "Sluiszicht" in Workum.

Make a round trip through Workum. So you can see how the inhabitants live present-day in Workum.

You can make a sailing trip to Hindeloopen, via narrow ditches and low bridges.

May be you stumble across a bridge, which you have to open by yourself and after passage, you have to close it.

Pass through an old-fashioned lock, which operate by hand through the lock-keeper.

Certainly you will meet on your trip, very kind people, who are willing to help you anytime.

Do you know, what the sailors etiquette prescribes?    

When two ships come together it is usual for the captain and the crew, to wave.

So all this presents unprecedented possibilities.